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Why Encore can keep R&D ability and occupy more markets?
-- That’s because ENCORE people keep hungry, keep foolish in every developing period, also pay great attantion to study and overcome every difficulty to supply our clients best products.
Today, We are happy to intivte lens specilist Ms.Anna & Ms.Lucky to make an optics training for ENCORE sales Team. In their professional and careful explaination to optics, we harvest a lot of knowledgement which we overlooked before. Especially they made practise for showinghow to make optics plan according to client’s need for different projects. It could be clearly shown that even as a sales, we need to consantly keep studying. In Encore, our sales is not only limited as a sales, but more a techinque, which gurantee we could supply a more professional and instant service for our clients.
Encore, will continue R&D, and Encore sales team will never stop to improve ourselves to be a PROFESSIONAL lighting solution provider.